Succeeding solely as a take-out ‘counter’, Bakehouse egg sandwiches, fresh baked pastries, sandwiches, salads, soups and locally sourced main dishes offer islanders and visitors a one-stop option for any meal or snack daily.  Many quick to-go choices are available in the fridge along with beverages.  Coffees and teas are self-serve and there are even newspapers and magazines for purchase to enjoy while sipping your chosen bliss. 

Sunday 6:30am – 5:30pm
Monday – Saturday 6:30am – 6:30pm 



Scroll down for our ESPRESSO menu, including our house made Mexican Mocha!  

BBQ Pulled Good Farm Chicken $15.99
choose two: broccoli, kale, collards, brussels sprouts,
cornbread, mac-n-cheese, sweet potato mash, white rice, beans
Xtra sides $3 

Aloo Ghobi $15.99
spiced cauliflower, chic pea & potato served with white rice and kale, Mermaid Farm yogurt sauce and housemade onion relish

Avjar Chicken $13.99
marinated and our housemade avjar (hungarian red pepper spread) and served with a tri-color quinoa salad and kale

Keema Matar $15.99
locally-sourced lamb, tomatoes and peas served with white rice and kale, Mermaid Farm yogurt sauce and housemade onion relish 

Bakehouse Pesto Cream $13.99
linguini, broccoli and tomato in a creamy housemade pesto sauce 

Organic Brown Rice Special $13.99
organic black beans, collards, plantains, mango avocado salsa

Cuban Pork with Rice $12.99
rice, organic black beans, veggie slaw & plantains

Mac-n-cheese $12.99
with broccoli


Espresso Menu 

Single  $2 Double $3 Triple $4
Extra Shot $1.25

Macchiato ~ Espresso topped with wisp of foam 
Single $2.50 Double $3.50 Triple $4.50 

Espresso con Panna
Espresso & dollop of house made whipped cream
Single $2.75 Double $3.75 Triple $4.75

Cafe Americano ~ Espresso & hot water  
Small $3 Medium $4 Large $5  

Cafe Latte & Cappuccino
Small $3.75 Medium $4.75 Large $5.75 

Cafe Mocha
Small $4.50 Medium $5.75 Large $7
espresso, steamed milk & house made Schockinog Chocolate  

Mexican Mocha
Small $4.60 Medium $5.85 Large $7.10
mocha with house made cayenne & cinnamon blend  

Thai Iced Coffee   $4.50
Two shots espresso over ice with sweetened condensed milk

Chai Latte
Small $3.50 Medium $4.50 Large $5.50
House made tea & spice blend with steamed milk & foam  

Cafe au Lait ~ Brewed Coffee w. Steamed Milk
Small $2.50 Medium $3.00 Large $3.50 

All drinks can be iced for $.50
Soy / Hemp Milk available $.50 / $.75
Ask for cinnamon or cocoa powder: free.

Small=double shot, 10 oz
Medium=triple shot, 16 oz 
Large=quad shot, 20 oz
Iced=double shot, 16 oz



Gluten-Free Menu


Photo Credit: eli.dag [photographer]